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Our Mission


Cancer Awareness

Many cancers are preventable and most are treatable with early detection and diagnosis.  Our secondary mission is to increase the awareness of the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and lifestyle modalities for those afflicted with cancer. 
The easiest way to cure cancer is to raise the awareness of prevention and choices in treatment.

Cancer Support

Any cancer survivor will tell you that support from their family and community is necessary to undergo chemo and radiation therapy.  Our final position is to support any community effort that will increase cancer awareness and raise funds for the assistance of cancer patients and their families.
Fred’s Difference is committed to be your partner along your journey.

Cancer Fundraising

Cancer treatment can range from $40,000.00 to $180,000.00 per person.  Even with health insurance assistance this financial burden can be overwhelming.  Our mission is to raise funds to assist cancer patients to offset these costs.
Those afflicted with cancer should not have to make the choice between treatment and feeding their family.
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